Been thinking of making some personal changes or improvements in your life? Why wait until other events happen first?

A typical conversation I have with women is they want to get support with the wardrobe in their closets… b-u-t they were waiting to lose weight, pay off a debt, get their child off to college, find time, save money, make more money, get through the summer busyness, get through the holidays… WOW!

A million different reasons for putting off LOOKING & FEELING better!

My experience has always been that we find the time and resources for whatever we really want and feel we deserve, no matter what.
I promise, when you LOOK and FEEL YOUR best and are your most Headshot w client 2014authentic self, you will make more money, lose weight, enjoy the summer busyness and have a more meaningful holiday season.
You will find when your daily routine is streamlined dressing for your life is effortless, you feel more confident, and self-doubt disappears.  What happens then is really transforming: you become more in the moment in your life, rather than worrying about your clothes, and wondering if your shoes were the right choice, or if your suit or dress is appropriate for the event.
look book lunne poulton

TeeMcBee with satisfied client Lynne Poulton, Professional Organizer

What would change in your life if you opened a LOOK BOOK of your clothes, on your body, styled for your life and your body shape and your personality in colors that make you look fresh, energized  and ageless??  Imagine then: choosing just one outfit – head to toe, with the shoes/tights/purse/jewelry – putting it on and JUST KNOWING it is perfect to just WALK OUT the DOOR?

That is exactly what I will deliver to you.
Think of the TIME you will SAVE.
Think of the ANGST you will no longer have.
Think of the MONEY you will $ave.
Think of the CONFIDENCE you will have.
Think of the INFLUENCE you will have.
Think of the CREDIBILITY you will have.
Think of the VISUAL Image you will Communicate.
Think of the AUTHENTIC Style you will have.

Streamline Your Daily Routine™ and actually enjoy it! Taking the time to have a professional Closet DETOX is a gift to yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY—it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Each of us spends a portion of the beginning of each day dressing, hair, makeup, etc. If you spend that time in an organized, happy environment it will weave throughout your day. Avoid the bulging closet that has an abundance of clothes that don’t give you confidence throughout your day.” – Traci McBride: Chief Stylist


Have you ever asked a friend “how do I look in this?” Because they love you and are involved with you they use that criteria to respond to your question. Well, a professional image consultant will not only let you know why or why not a garment works but teaches you the best ‘rules’ for your personal body type. By sitting down with you and through a series of questions I will help you discover what your style is by understanding your lifestyle as it is today—and dressing your body as it is today in a modern, age appropriate style. A consultant understands body shape, clothing cuts, style and how to uncover yours while incorporating the POWER of color and how it brings everything together for a cohesive look.

A consultant will look at what you are doing now and what needs to change to present the most confident version of you.

Image Consultants consider:

  • Body shape
  • Color Analysis
  • Fit & Fabrics                          
  • Eye-Wear 
  • Self-image
  • Budget
  • Style & Lifestyle
  • Hair style & cut—Improved condition
  • Resources & Contacts with hair and make-up professionals
  • Body Language and facial expressions
  • Etiquette
  • Change the negative tapes of self sabotage in your head
  • Earn more money.
  • Erase toxic relationships from your life because of your increased confidence.
  • Receive the promotion you want. Others will respond to your confidence.
  • Enjoy having healthy friendships because you will feel you deserve them.
  • Meet a healthy new romance – potential partners won’t be able to resist your first impression.
tipsHave you been hearing these terms and wonder what the difference is?
Personal Stylist is someone who would prepare models for a photo shoot or commercial.
Wardrobe Stylist would manage and catalog outfits for a talk show host for example.
Personal Shopper would shop for anything a client needed.
 With the awareness of these terms and the long running show “What Not to Wear” on TLC with Stacy London & Clinton Kelly the term Stylist has become all of the above.  Now Image Consultant is all of the above and more.

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